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• artichoke • aubergine (eggplant) • asparagus • legumes o alfalfa sprouts o lentils o azuki beans (or adzuki) o bean sprouts o black beans o black-eyed peas o borlotti bean o broad beans o chickpeas, garbanzos, or ceci beans o green beans o kidney beans o [./Https://healthproviderinfo.blogspot.com/ lentils] o lima beans or butter bean o mung beans o navy beans o peanuts o pinto beans o runner beans o split peas o soy beans o peas o mangetout or snap peas • broccoflower (a hybrid) • broccoli (calabrese) • brussels sprouts • cabbage o kohlrabi o Savoy cabbage o red cabbage • cauliflower • celery • endive • fiddleheads • frisee • fennel • greens o bok choy o chard (beet greens) o collard greens o kale o mustard greens o spinach • herbs and spices o anise o basil o caraway o coriander o chamomile o daikon o fennel o lavender o cymbopogon (also known as lemongrass) o marjoram o oregano o parsley o rosemary o sage o thyme • lettuce o arugula • mushrooms (actually a fungus, not a plant) • nettles • New Zealand spinach • okra • onions o chives o garlic o leek o onion o shallot o scallion (spring onion UK, green onion US) • peppers (biologically fruits, but taxed as vegetables) o bell pepper o chili pepper  jalapeño  habanero  paprika  tabasco pepper  cayenne pepper • radicchio • rhubarb • root vegetables o beetroot (UK) beet (US)  mangel-wurzel o carrot o celeriac o corms  eddoe  konjac  taro  water chestnut o ginger o parsnip o rutabaga o radish  wasabi  horseradish  white radish  Diakon o tubers  jicama  jerusalem artichoke  potato  sweet potato  yam o turnip o broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, • salsify (Oyster Plant) • skirret • sweetcorn [1] • topinambur • squashes (biologically fruits, but taxed as vegetables) o acorn squash o bitter melon o butternut squash o banana squash o courgette (UK), Zucchini (US) o cucumber (biologically fruits, but taxed as vegetables) o delicata o gem squash o hubbard squash o marrow (UK) Squash (US) o spaghetti squash • tat soi • tomato • watercress • carrot

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